Sacred Honey Bee Evening video clip, CLICK ON THE PHOTO TO VIEW

Sacred Honey Bee Evening video clip, CLICK ON THE PHOTO TO VIEW
Click on this photo for a video of "Evening in Honor of the Sacred Honey Bee". Photo by Daniel Bahmani

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Friday, July 1, 2011

Sister Bee: a lyrical documentary about beekeepers and honeybees, focusing on women beekeepers

(I wasn't able to get the code to embed the trailer for this 1/2 hr film, but you can go to the site and see it there, as well as order it).


Sister Bee is a lyrical documentary about six beekeepers who find beauty and wonderment in their work with honeybees. Beekeeping is more than a hobby for the beekeepers of Sister Bee. It’s a source of laughter, learning and connecting with the natural world.

Sister Bee follows the arc of the beekeeping year beginning with spring queens and ending with the fall honey harvest. The beekeepers approach their hives. One lights a smoker. Another lifts a cover from a hive revealing the wax city below. A third laughs as she hoists a six-year-old boy to peer inside her tallest hive. “There she is! There she is!” says another when she finds the queen. Each beekeeper’s outlook is revealed through thoughts and gestures. Expressive sound effects and a score of vocal music, antique whistling songs and acoustic guitar unify Sister Bee into a celebration of honeybees, beekeepers and the changing seasons. Mortality, sisterhood and the palpable sense of connectedness some beekeepers experience while working with honeybees are addressed.

Running Time: 29 minutes 50 seconds
Shooting Format: Mini-DV and 16mm
Completed: July 2006
Country: United States
Language: English

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