Sacred Honey Bee Evening video clip, CLICK ON THE PHOTO TO VIEW

Sacred Honey Bee Evening video clip, CLICK ON THE PHOTO TO VIEW
Click on this photo for a video of "Evening in Honor of the Sacred Honey Bee". Photo by Daniel Bahmani

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Friday, March 29, 2013

Mystery Malady Kills More Bees, Heightening Worry on Farms

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Bees Healing Bees...this is wonderful new information!

The Beehive Effect: Ancient Rites - Quantum Principles Available in paperback or PDF for download.

While mainstream scientists and beekeepers study the “collapse” of the bee colony by seeking pharmaceutical remedies to cure it, on a mountainside in Colorado, something else is happening. Intriguing.

Since 2009, Valerie Solheim has used Energy Transfer Tools with her beehives to recreate and support the field effect once generated by healthy bee colonies. Not only has she observed more abundant production, but she and others have also experienced personally the healing effects of the energy that radiate from healthy hives.
Valerie has a PhD in Psychology with an emphasis in Jungian Depth Psychology. As a student of C.G. Jung, she has naturally become attuned to her inner guidance. It was this guidance that directed her to become a beekeeper and to maintain the health of her hives through the use of subtle energies rather than medications and artificial feeding. What started as the establishment of an energy field for the well-being of her hives has led to insights into the spiritual gifts of honeybees—sacred gifts cultivated and revered by ancient societies.
Valerie invites you to join in her journey into the hive, a journey of awakening. Enter into the humming universe of the honeybee and be transported to a world outside your awareness. Valerie probes science and finds quantum biology and physics ready to reveal energy fields rich with information. She introduces you to her hives as a beekeeper and brings the “girls” alive with fact and fable. Join Valerie in rediscovering The Beehive Effect: Ancient Rites - Quantum Principles.

Paperback book $26.00 incl S/H

PDF $14.95
Paperback book + 4 Healing Bees CDs incl. S/H $99.95

Product Description and Use

Dr. Hunt’s research indicates that different frequencies work on different levels in the body: tissue, neurological, brain and field. Based on the testimonials, it appears that the duration and pitch of the frequencies are affecting different levels in the body. Again, Focus and Intent are major factors in the depth one receives from the experience.

The Bee CD's are very powerful. It is possible that the CD can initially create a feeling of discomfort. It may activate headaches, stomach upset, dizziness, edginess or an inability to focus. This is due to energetic blocks in the listener’s body-mind field.

This uncomfortable response is felt almost immediately. In this situation, listen to the CD in short segments, building up slowly until the symptoms are no longer experienced. After that the length of time the CD is played can be individually determined.

The Harmonizer™, when placed on top of the CD recording of the Bees, significantly enhances the healing process on all levels.

Listening to the bee recordings is not intended to be diagnostic or global. Healing is incidental.