Sacred Honey Bee Evening video clip, CLICK ON THE PHOTO TO VIEW

Sacred Honey Bee Evening video clip, CLICK ON THE PHOTO TO VIEW
Click on this photo for a video of "Evening in Honor of the Sacred Honey Bee". Photo by Daniel Bahmani

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Monday, September 21, 2009

Apimondia 2009 Sept. 15-20, Montpelier, France

Apimondia 2009 :

“The bee, the sentinel of the environment” is the theme of this 41st edition.

This topic is brought to light at a time when the bee is facing a mortality record with an average of 300 000 colonies disappearing every year in France since 1995.

A scientific Congress of international reference :
More than 500 scientists will gather together to compare their experiences and give you the results of their research.
An intersection of professionals :
At the heart of the Corum, Palais des Congres de Montpellier, ApiExpo provides a tremendous showcase for all professionals and service providers.
For more information visit

The bee gathers pollen and serves biodiversity

80% of the flowering plant species on our planet,
representing over 200 000 species, reproduce by pollination.

The bee works to enrich our food

beyond the production of honey, pollen and royal jelly,
the bee participates in 65% of the biodiversity maintenance
and 35% of the production of our food.
(Recent INRA studies)

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