Sacred Honey Bee Evening video clip, CLICK ON THE PHOTO TO VIEW

Sacred Honey Bee Evening video clip, CLICK ON THE PHOTO TO VIEW
Click on this photo for a video of "Evening in Honor of the Sacred Honey Bee". Photo by Daniel Bahmani

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Sunday, May 8, 2011

The BUZZ: Mark Your Calendars for the Great Bee Count on July 16th!

Greetings citizen scientists! I know that some of you who live in warmer climates are already sending in your 15 minute observations and others will be doing so throughout the year.
This year, however, we would like everyone - even those of you who haven’t sent in observations – to make the effort to join the Great Bee Count of 2011 on July 16th. The best way to sample is to sample every other week but if you only count bees once this year, make it on July 16.

Now more than ever, bee populations are endangered. The more we know about pollinator service across the country, the more action will be able to be taken to preserve and enhance pollinator habitat. We’re joining together to learn more, and we’re taking time to share what we’ve observed.

In most areas, it takes between 8 - 10 weeks for sunflowers to bloom from seed. Now is the time to plant if you have not done so already! If you order seeds from Renee’s Garden, (enter coupon code FR225A so that part of the proceeds go to our project) and get your seeds in the ground this week. By doing so, you will be in good shape to have sunflowers for your July 16th observation.

Take a moment now to mark your calendars for the Great Bee Count. In the next weeks I’ll be sharing information on growing your sunflowers and answering questions about making your observations, so that when July 16th rolls around, we’ll be all set to hunt for bees! (Plus we’ll send a reminder or two.)

Make a difference in what we know about pollinator service. Be a part of the Great Bee Count on July 16th! In this small way, a great change can take place.


Freddy B
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