Sacred Honey Bee Evening video clip, CLICK ON THE PHOTO TO VIEW

Sacred Honey Bee Evening video clip, CLICK ON THE PHOTO TO VIEW
Click on this photo for a video of "Evening in Honor of the Sacred Honey Bee". Photo by Daniel Bahmani

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Friday, March 4, 2011

bees for

This is an interesting organization that sounds as though it is doing excellent work:

(from their website):

Bees for Development is an independent organisation founded in 1993. We are an information service working at the heart of an international network of people and organisations involved with apiculture in developing countries. The organisation is made up of two partner institutions.

Bees for Development Trust is our charity which raises money with the aim of alleviating poverty by means of beekeeping. The Trust meets its objectives by supporting the work of Bees for Development, the implementing partner.

Bees for Development carries out a range of activities which help beekeepers to do more and better beekeeping, in order to build sustainable livelihoods for themselves and their families.

Why is there a need for Bees for Development?

We take a global view of beekeeping, especially that carried out by poor and marginalised beekeepers in developing countries. This means we have unique insights into the trends and challenges of this neglected sector and can provide the hub of a valuable sharing and learning network for the beekeeping community.

There are other NGOs who support beekeeping but these NGOs regularly come to us for advice and information, as often beekeeping is a secondary activity for them. National governments in some countries have beekeeping institutions and extension services but gradually these are being closed and eroded through under funding. Beekeeping is difficult to categorise, unlike mainstream agriculture, and is often overlooked as a marginal poor-persons activity not worthy of investment and attention. This is the main impetus for the work of Bees for Development.

Bees for Development is run by experienced professionals operating out of offices in Monmouth, South Wales, UK.

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