Sacred Honey Bee Evening video clip, CLICK ON THE PHOTO TO VIEW

Sacred Honey Bee Evening video clip, CLICK ON THE PHOTO TO VIEW
Click on this photo for a video of "Evening in Honor of the Sacred Honey Bee". Photo by Daniel Bahmani

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Spring without Bees by Michael Schacker

A message from Barbara Dean Schacker, wife of Michael Schacker, author:

"We really need your help. We need help getting the word out about Michael Schacker's book, "A Spring Without Bees, How Colony Collapse Disorder Has Endanger Our Food Soppy".

This book is the only authoritative book out on the major suspected cause of massive honeybee die-offs--a widely used neurotoxic pesticide. The insecticide should be technically illegal because each of the combined ingredients, nicotine and chlorine were banned in pesticide formulas previously--the combination is extremely poisonous. They were shoved through the approval process without testing for toxicity for pregnant women or young children on an "emergency provisionary basis". It is in most lawn maintenance or "chemical lawn" type mixes--(the books tells you the many names of the chemical so you can know what is on the label). So the problem is not just out there in the fruits and vegetable and alfalfa fields, our children are rolling around in it and we are tracking it into our homes on our feet! France, Germany, Spain and Italy have banned this class of pesticides. In France, it took several years for the soil to recover, but the bees did come back. In addition, Michael Schacker is the only person to have designed a comprehensive plan on how to save the bees and our food supply. But Michael had a CVA and then a massive left hemisphere stroke just the day after completing the book! He is unable to tour the country or speak about all the information in the book, so my daughter Melissa and I along with a few friends are trying to do it. With running 2 companies and overseeing Michael's speech recovery or stroke recovery, I feel I am not doing a good enough job to promote the book and get the word out about the real story on this.

The beekeepers are going bankrupt--and there is "domino effect" (explained in the book) to this particular environmental crisis. We have to work on this now! Rachel Carson's, "Silent Spring" only became a best seller because it got on the Book of the Month Club and because a Supreme Court justice recommended it. Even so, it took another 10 years to ban DDT! Without a best seller, I believe we have little chance of getting the word out and overcoming the misinformation that continually replicates itself about the honeybee and the potential food and fresh produce crisis--a worldwide crisis. From my research, email lists are the new "book of the month". I need to get on as many email lists of people who are interested in the organic lifestyle, the environment and planetary survival as possible. If you can refer us to any lists that would be a great help. Also in your message to your email list, you can tell people to copy and paste and then email to their lists so we get a "word of mouth" campaign going. The request to send to other email lists of friends of bees and friends of the Earth should be replicated in each message.

You can help right away by buying a copy of "A Spring Without Bees" and reading it. It is not a "depressing environmental disaster" book, but rather is written in a surprisingly smart, easy style, almost like a mystery novel--you'll see! Then you can pass the book along to a friend and ask them to put the message out on their email or urge them to buy a copy and pass it along if they wish. You can also go to Plan Bee Central online to sign up for the Plan Bee Action Plan and to find out more about what you can do to ban these pesticides. Buy a copy for Thanksgiving and give thanks to the bees for creating the food you are eating. Buy them as Christmas or holiday gifts so that people can read them over the winter and be prepared to ban locally, plant their bee garden or get their hive to replenish honeybee populations in the spring. I guarantee you will be rewarded for your efforts by meeting a lot of nice people on this journey--I have!

Feel free to--and please--copy and paste this message into your email list or send it to someone with an email list who would be interested. We do not want to SPAM anyone. So only send this to your personal, organizational and non-commercial contact lists. I am so very grateful for your interest and your help. --Barbara Dean Schacker, (his wife) email: or
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